White Widow the Cannabis Queen

White Widow, regular or autoflowering, the true queen of cannabis

Marijuana Culture rewards good buds. Some plants become legendary over time because of their quality, but it take time to earn that status. The Cannabis Cup has been held as a series of worldwide events, with several stops in the United States and Europe promoting cannabis culture in places where it is most vibrant. At each event, attendees (growers, dispensary owners, smokers, waxies and who chose to purchase a judge pass), are more and more.

Since the first plant was first bred, it has won many awards at the various cannabis cups across the globe. For Eleven years straight, White Widow placed in the top three and became the most awarded strain ever. Having won 1st place at cannabis cups more than 5 times, no other strain comes close to being the flagship strain like white widow. With her success, she is truly the democratically elected queen of cannabis.

White widow is one of the most popular strains of all time and anyone being indoctrinated into marijuana culture has undoubtedly had the experience of hearing about this strain in awe and wonder. The name itself will sell bud, but there is only one true white widow. The Pistiles are long and white and all of the leaves are covered in large resinous glands that occlude the leaves below and give the plant it’s signature look and name.

A Complex Balance of Indica and Sativa

It took some time to create a white widow strain that accurately presents the characteristics of the queen of cannabis. It has to be done just right, since White widow is such a complex blend of indica and sativa. The cross was originally made in Amsterdam with a Brazilian sativa land race and an Indian indica strain, by Green House Seed Co and has been a staple at Amsterdam coffee shops since 1990 and one of the most requested names in the business. So much so that coffee houses snicker at Americans who almost exclusively order White Widow.

The plant is pungent and maintains the earthy, wood like smell of the indica strains, but is dominated by the sativa characteristics. The flavor is similar to the aroma with a hint of spices, but overall maintains the more fruity terpenes from the sativa mother. In total the plant is 60% sativa and 40% indica. This offers a good head high, without being over bearing. The effect on the body helps relieve pain and promote a calm mood and atmosphere.

High Yields in all Settings

With the predominance of Sativa, this plant prefers equatorial environments, so in most places indoor growing is recommended. However the plant is not terribly difficult to grow in these conditions. The plant is also very good for a Screen of Green (SCROG) grow style to spread out the canopy and more evenly distribute the light. There are several training methods, some low risk and others high that can be used to maximize the bud produced in a given area by more evenly distributing light and flowering hormones that tend to be produced first in the uppermost buds.

The plant flourishes indoors as well as outdoors. The indica allows it to reach full budding potential even in some more northern latitudes since the flowering time is shorter than a true sativa. White widow will be finished budding 8 weeks after it starts flowering. The indica influence also adds a mold resistance to the strain that makes it great for anyone who wishes to grow.

Citrus Aromas Accent Pine and Earthy Scents

Within the bud are sweet and musky aromas mixed in with sweet smells of fruit and a hint of sour citrus. White widow has a diverse blend of terpenes including pinene, camphere, Eucalyptol (1,8-cineole), liminene, terpinene, mycrene and sabinene. These are the chemicals that add to the aroma of the plant and affect the high. The Mycrene helps the THC act more quickly, while liminene smells of oranges and contributes to the anti-stress and sedative properties of the strain. Eucalyptol smells of the asian evergreen camphor laurel tree, while the mycrene invokes semblances of thyme, parsley and hops.

The combination of sativa and indica creates a plant that grows taller than indica with a good balance of cannabinoids. Highs from sativa are usually more energetic, but the presence of indica balances this with a slight sedative effect. Indica also brings more CBD and larger buds to the plant. As one can see, the marriage of these two plants is perfectly represented by White Widow, with keystone features of both strains noticeable in the same bud.

Feel Euphoric and Creative From Proven Medicine

White Widow is a flagship strain of the medical marijuana industry. Because of the potency and it’s ability to help with anxiety and depression, this strain is great at the end of the day or for daily use to alleviate stress. The benefits do not stop there though, marijuana has also shown to protect from certain neuro-degenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and prions which spread and destroy brain tissue. It seems that smoking marijuana can even be preventative medicine for those with genetic histories of these disorders, assuming it does not exacerbate another condition.

Creativity is also increased when high, which can lead to greater enjoyment of movies and music. Hyper-priming, a form of associative thinking is increased by this strain, so often times users are able to adopt new perspectives and link previously unrelated thoughts and emotions. This creates the epiphanic moments while high when we suddenly form a new connection. Perhaps this is conscious witnessing of neurogenesis, which this plant is also known to induce.

Many enjoy this in a social setting, because of the uplifting sativa, which probably plays into why the strain is so popular in coffee houses in Amsterdam. The body effect induces appetizing, which of course inevitably leads to snacking. The calming effect plays into a thought provoking and often meditative high, which leads to some great conversation, or introspection. Often times the enjoyment of the high is up to what the person wants to be doing.

A Blend With Ruderalis must be Perfect

So what happens when this complex plant comes in contact with a ruderalis plant? Well initially the results were underwhelming. It has taken time to perfect the combination of the three strains to induce flowering based on time, without changing the potency and aromas of the most prestigious plant in the marijuana industry. Autoflowering White Widow stands to revolutionize outdoor and indoor growth by increasing the plants durability and yield.

The auto-flower plants will produce small white widow plants in as as little as 3 months with a 8-9 week flowering cycle. Adding the Ruderalis also adds a layer of protection for the plant, a ruderalis plants are durable and mold resistant, which helps with the ability of some private growers to approach this strain. White Widow is becoming a more viable option for everyone’s home garden as an advancement of the ever popular ruderalis plant.

The ruderalis plant comes from the eastern Himalayas and ex-soviet states of the region, and flowers based on age. This could be because of constant low light conditions because of light being blocked by the mountains, so light could not produce a hormone change to start flowering. It is a tough plant that is making its way into all of the legendary strains that connoisseurs of bud ask for everywhere.

Ruderalis brings with it a unique blend of cannabinoids and terpenes, and makes each autoflowering strain a unique experience. A revolution has occurred in the marijuana industry and after 40 years of diligent breeding by dedicated individuals in the marijuana community, auto-flowering plants are competing with sativa and indica hybrids for potency. It appears that after years of diligent work, the best strains now contain ruderalis.

An Ever Changing Landscape to be Covered in Cannabis and Hemp

Often times the indica is bred with the ruderalis, then the resulting plant is bred with another indica, then that plant with a Sativa, then another sativa to increase the potency. Some plant have as little as 10% Ruderalis while maintaining the auto-flowering characteristic. The lower the percentage of ruderalis, the greater the potential THC production of the Sativa dominated hybrid. Some what like solar panels, autoflowering cannabis plants get better and more practical every year.

White Widow remains the most legendary strain on earth and her web will not stop expanding until the whole world is selling her in legal dispensaries worldwide. Failed Prohibition attempts are being overturned world wide and the recreational use of marijuana is becoming more popular worldwide, and with it the domain of the queen of cannabis. With the latest news seeming endlessly on the side of ending prohibition, including the new DOJ appointment by Obama which could end up decriminalizing the substance and ending that portion of the war on drugs.

Hemp likewise is seeing the lifting of restrictions on its growth, which bodes well for the marijuana industry as the plants are cousins. This will help create new agriculture jobs a wide range of inexpensive products and energy for people everywhere.