The advantages of the feminized seeds

Marijuana is a plant that has been grown in gardens and cultivated on farms for at least 10,000 years, with explicit evidence of the use of cannabis as a medicine in china more than 4000 years ago. Humans have a long relationship with hemp, cannabis, and marijuana and some have gone so far as to say that cannabis cultivation was truly the start of civilization. The rope, cloth, food, and medicine that they grew all in one place became a new model for human existence. Since then aggriculture has vastly expanded to nearly every plant on earth, and marijuana cultivation has led to some amazing breeds.

The entire marijuana industry is predicated upon growing big, beautiful female plants with plenty of flash and curves. They should sparkle like diamonds in the morning light before the dew has evaporated and have thick resinous buds growing underneath. The flowers of the cannabis plants are by far the most valuable part of the pant, because of their association with the cannabinoids that we are really after.

Feminized Seeds are a Guarantee

Feminized seeds are a guarantee, depending on the methods of the provider, no plants will be male or hermaphroditic. Extreme stress can affect results, like unreliable lighting mixed with bad nutrients and over pruning, but mostly using feminized seeds is a way to increase yields, save work, get a higher value from the seeds, lose less crop, clone freely and make more money (or smoke more pot depending on who you are growing it for.)

First of all the fact that there are no males need to be emphasized. Not only will a male seed take up space in a garden, they can also ruin a crop if they are not detected soon enough. Females will end up littered in seeds and the crop will not be a success. For those with limited space and plant restrictions, it is an absolute must to use feminized seeds to produce higher yields.

Work Less with the Plants

Opponents of the feminized seed phenomenon say that sexing plants is easy, and that using non feminized seeds makes for a selection process of the best plants. Unfortunately, most of us cannot grow 100 plants, cut out 50% males after checking the sex of each plant by inducing flowering in all plants, even if we are commercial growers. This process stunts the growth of the plants and means in the long run that they are producing less bud, or budding later in their life which is really the same thing in the long run.

Feminized seeds bring a near 100% guarantee that each plant grown from the seed will produce large amounts of bud if properly grown. This means that a garden will yield more if they are operating at or below plant count restrictions. Not having to check 100 plants for Staminate Primordia (the male pollen forming structures) can save a grower a lot of time and risk. Missing one plant can cause the fertilization of an entire female crop if ventilation is working properly.

Avoid Over Pruning in High stress Training

Sometimes when pruning an otherwise female plant into a bush, it will suddenly turn male. The plant that was once looking triumphant and looking like it was about to become a giant ball of bud is growing tiny balls of pollen all over it. This risk is significantly reduced if not completely avoided by using feminized seeds and maybe a lower stress training method.

Feminized seeds are the best way to produce a personal crop as well. In most areas where it is legal to grow marijuana for personal and non-retail use, only 6 plants can be grown at one time, with 3 plants flowering at one time. In a situation with non-feminized seeds, 6 plants would be grown, and sexed and only likely about half of the plants will be male. This can be a hastle and home growers might not have the time or knowledge of the plant to know how to sex the plants properly.

With feminized seeds, easily alternate home grows on 2-3 month cycles using feminized seeds that will guarantee flowers out of ever plant grown. This allows the grower to more strictly obey laws since they have more secure outcomes. Growing 3 plants means 3 plants will be flowering when the owner switches the lighting to a 12 hour cycle. In the case of auto-flowers they start flowering when they are biologically programmed to, in spite of lighting conditions.

Clone and Breed With More Control

There is more freedom to make clones from the feminized plants as well, since there I a greater likelihood that the plant will be female. Often time male plants grow more rigorously early, and would be the natural choice for cloning, but they need to be sexed first. The natrual inclination is to take a trimming of the best early plants, but if this plant is male it slows down the grow and endangers the whole crop whether big or small.

Another advantage of the feminized seeds is the ability to better control breeding of the plant. Using these seeds is a guarantee that you are getting what you ordered instead of relying on the “what my dealer had lying around” model. The deliver of seeds is often very discreet and it is not illegal to buy seeds. The growing is the problem, so looking to local laws is always advised

Honestly using feminized seeds is common sense, and breeding can be done if a grower wishes by getting male seeds as well. Buying feminized seeds offers more control over the whole process, and seeks to standardize the industry. By recording strain genetics, it will be possible to better understand the diversity of the plant in a way that might enlighten us to new breeding potentials. Similar to the way that CBD strains have been bred

Feminized seeds have changed the industry by making the process of growing more reliable and for many reasons become the industry standard. It’s really the only way to know what is being grown and sold, which is important to customers and the legitimacy of the budding legal marijuana industry. Dispensaries cannot risk having mislabeled products because they grew some seeds that someone told them was train wreck but turned out to be a spicy Grand Daddy Purple.

Better Genetics

Many of the strains that are sold as feminized seeds have had their genetics carefully controlled by breeder in order to bring out the defining characteristics of each strain. This allows consumers more options as far as flavors, aromas and cannabinoids go and really opens up the potential of the plant by increasing it’s genetic diversity. Try Cherry Kush with Red Pistils or a flower so purple it looks black with lavender leaves.

These plants will be more productive, aromatic, powerful and attractive. There is a fierce competition amongst breeders to create the most potent, productive and unique strains which is driving the industry at an ever faster rate. Every year new strains are released at competitions across the globe, which offer the potential to turn a seed banks best hope into a world wide best seller.

Feminized seeds can also ensure that the plant you are growing works well in the conditions that you are growing them in. Some strains fair better in different environments and this information is usually available on the preview of the seeds. Always check the information about the seeds so flowering times, size, and yield can be factored into a budget or expectation. If a plant is too large, consider looking for an auto-flowering version of the plant.

Much of the success of the marijuana industry is dependent upon quality of control of the system from top to bottom. All products should be labeled with a cannabinoid concentrations, whether it is bud or a soda, so that there are not problems with over consumption. This is true of the Alcohol industry and these practices help legitimize the system and engender consumer confidence. In a legal system, there is more control on the product in terms of how the plants are grown and what chemicals are used during the growing process.

None of this is possible without breeders doing the work that they do to identify, catalogue and create new strains. They then feminize the plants and sell the seeds to growers every where who want to get the most out of their money. With the guarantee that every seed will produce bud, and reduce labor, there is no going back to non feminized seeds. Using any other seeds is just throwing money away in the form of slowing down crops and growing males.