3 Best Sativas for Party Time

If you are a party lover and looking for the best that sativa strains to set the party off right, you are in the right place. Most people think that alcohol is perfect for any social occasion because it gets people loosened up. However, the hangover from drinking too much can be miserable, and some Indica strains will leave you couchlocked or passed out before the party has even started. 

The rights of sativa strain will prevent you from having any unwanted effects. For a party, you want to strain that will get people happy and talkative. Not one that makes users paranoid, anxious, or sleepy. To make your party memorable, here are some of the best sativa strains for any party occasion: 

Carnival Feminized 

This sativa-dominant strain was designed for every party. If you think of Carnival in Rio, Brazil where millions of people party in the streets for days at a time, you can get the idea of what this strain can do for your next party. This strain is loaded with an astounding 23% THC content and its effect can be described as happy, lucid, sensual, and wandering. It comes with a fresh, citrusy haze so when it is smoked or eaten, you get a happy fruity feeling before the extremely high content of THC kicks in. This strain will definitely make your rock star on the dance floor.

Mandarin Haze Feminized 

Forget about getting drunk and wasted; Mandarin Haze Feminized is what you need to bring some fresh new energy to the party. This sativa-dominant strain is guaranteed to give you a powerful, uplifting experience whether you are twerking on the dance floor or socializing with your friends over drinks. You will find that this strain is very refreshing for the mind and its effects are happy and uplifting. Its complex fruity haze aroma of mild mandarin makes the experience even more incredible. Add in a 23% THC content, and you have the right combination to make a party go from boring to live in minutes.

Ultra White Amnesia Feminized 

This sativa-dominant is a cross between White Widow and Amnesia Haze. This strain has a combination of the happiest social effects density restrains offer with a little bit of the heavy body stone that you get from experiencing white widow. This strain is better for parties where the vibe is more relaxed, and you want more of a social, chill time with friends or colleagues. With a heavy dose of 22% THC, this strain has a delicious flavor of blossoms with a grape aroma which makes it perfect for any party occasion. 

Dance First, Think Later!

Having a perfect uplifting strain that gets you out on the dance floor to party the night away is a much better and safer alternative to alcohol. With one of the strains mentioned above, you will get the party started right, and you can dance the night away without worrying about nursing a hangover the next day. Remember, a party is all about having a good time, and one of these uplifting strains will make any party more fun.