Sexual Frigidity: The Herb Could be the Solution

Sexual problems not only occur in men but also in women. Frigidity is common sexual dysfunction in which females lose their interest in sex due to several reasons that often involve physical and psychological factors. A traumatic experience in the past, such as sexual abuse during childhood, can quickly develop reluctance and fear of lovemaking. Additionally, lack of lubrication can cause painful intercourse.

There are many offered ways to treat sexual frigidity, and one of them involves marijuana. The topic of cannabis and sex actually goes all the way back to the reefer madness, which was around the 1930s. During that time, people believed that smoking marijuana could turn a person, especially a woman, into a sex-crazed fiend.

Although the jury is still out on whether or not cannabis holds benefits for people’s sex lives, new research suggests that some strains may be helpful for women who are suffering from sexual dysfunction problems.
Studies about Female Sexuality and Orgasm

The truth is that science still has no clue on how the female orgasm works. There are barely any studies performed to establish a baseline to allow a woman to determine whether or not something is working how it should be. For male sexual dysfunction, we can find treatment options and over-the-counter medications, but there is hardly any research for women who might be having the same problems.

New studies targeted the difference between visual interest and self-lubrication. The former has been determined as an accurate sign of sexual arousal, while self-lubrication is an instinctive response toward certain situations, such as sexual violence.

The trend is changing since ten years ago in which not much research paid attention to women’s sexual dysfunction. Nevertheless, there is still a lot to discover about female sexuality.

Can Marijuana Help with Sexual Frigidity?

It is important to note that cannabis is just like any other medication, whether it is natural or humanmade. It can have a mixed effect from one person to another. Common knowledge suggests that weed does contribute to sexual euphoria. However, not everyone agrees with this effect. It seems that the key lies in the THC concentration of the weed strain.

Several strains typically have 18% to 20% of THC content, but there are rare ones that have lower levels of the chemical. If the levels are reduced, it can help get the person in a sensual mood, but the strain will not dampen her sex drive.

One example is “Zensation,” whose name already suggests that it has something to do with an individual’s lovemaking interest. The difference between this strain and the others is that it does not concentrate on the genitals as the point of arousal or orgasm. While nerve stimulation is helpful, the majority of a person’s arousal is in the brain, which is also the culprit behind us not being able to enjoy the experience thoroughly.

Smoking a joint before heading to the bedroom can relax the mind and put those anxieties behind. Aside from Zensation, other strains that can help with sexual frigidity are Mamacita’s Cookies, Ultra White Amnesia and God’s Glue.