How to Incorporate Marijuana into Your Sports Diet

 Among the most asked questions about weed is whether or not it can affect our ability to work out. Many smokers want to know if it is possible for them to get fit and be high at the same time. A study by a few educational institutions, including the University of Nebraska and the Harvard School of Public Health, shows that on average, pot smokers have smaller waists than those who do not smoke. They also have high levels of good cholesterol even though they tend to eat more than non-smokers.

If you are a stoner and you want to add marijuana to your sports or workout diet, here are some suggestions:

Exercise as much as possible.

Even if you are into sports, it may not mean you get the right amount of exercise. It is recommended to exercise at least five times a week for 30 minutes. If you plan to add weed to your workout routine, you may want to follow this advice seriously.

Work out in the morning.

It helps if you work out before you start blazing since it is a little tricky to exercise when you are already high. Cannabis can affect the brain and the body, which may negatively influence your routine. As much as possible, light up after you are through with the treadmill or any exercise sequence you have.

When you work out before you smoke, it will cause calorie deficiency, which will help if you plan to get some munchies afterward. Additionally, early exercise can motivate you to eat something healthy. Also note that when you smoke, it constricts your blood vessels, so it will be difficult for the body to deliver amino acids and nutrients to your muscles after working out – a bad idea for gains.

If you smoke before you practice, have someone sober with you.

According to a 1975 study, those who smoked before running or performing other sports and workouts experienced about 25% output decrease. Therefore, if you are a weightlifter, you may want to steer clear of powerlifting under the influence.

Additionally, weed can change how your sensory perception works. It can increase the risk of injuries and accidents. If you truly want to hit the gym or start your sports practice a little blazed, find a partner who is not high. Also, be selective of your lifts or merely avoid lifting if you do not need it.

More Tips

One of the most prominent known side effects of weed is that you will be starving. It is still possible to not gain too much weight by having healthy snacks (fruits vs. doughnuts) before you get high. Stay active as well, especially during the summer.

Running is often a part of workout routines of athletes. Our bodies generate a naturally-occurring form of THC called endo-cannabinoids when running. Together with endorphins, it produces a euphoric sense in runners. Therefore, running and smoking will create a whole new other meaning to the term “runner’s high.” Plus, studies have shown that it is possible for weed to make you better at running.