5 Tips to Easy Hide the Smell of Your Weed Crop

It is no secret that growing your own marijuana is more cost-effective. However, this freedom to cultivate weed in your backyard can bother the neighbors, mainly because the plant has a distinct, pungent odor.

Thankfully, there are ways to reduce the smell that comes from your marijuana garden and here are five of them:

1. Choose marijuana varieties that are known for having mild odours.

If you are not partial to a specific weed variety, you can try those selections that have milder odors than others. While they may not fully resolve the issue of controlling the smell, especially if you grow the plant indoors, some varieties are not as pungent as the other types. Among those plants that you can try are Auto Blue Amnesia, and Auto  Northern Lights.

2. Use a product that can neutralize odours.

If you have a small garden, you can use an odor neutralizer, which is an easy and affordable method of reducing odors from a room that has only a few plants. Some products that have been developed for treating sewage facilities are among the most recommended odor neutralizers.

To use these products, you only have to open the jar and place them in an area adjacent to the plants, which will efficiently minimize the smell. You will need to replace the product regularly, but it is common for these neutralizers to last for at least a month.

Make sure though that you do not put the neutralizer next to the plants themselves since they are known to reduce or even alter the smell of weed themselves. Also, remember that these products are not suggested for those with vast gardens as they may not be sufficient enough. It is essential to steer clear of products like incense, air fresheners, and candles that mask the smell since they can affect the scent of the plants adversely.

3. Hide the smell with other plants.

Mint, for instance, can be invasive and has a strong odor. You can plant it with your ganja as a ground cover. Other plants that can mask the smell of marijuana are lemongrass, rosemary, and lavender.

4. Let fresh air in.

Whether you have an indoor garden or you decide to smoke inside the house, the simplest way to get the smell out is to allow air inside. Open your windows or turn on your vents to get rid of the weed odor out. If you smoke a lot, you will need to invest in an air purifier, which can eliminate smoke right after it is produced. Next time you puff, do it in a well-ventilated area, so the smell does not cling to your clothing, your hair, or your room.

5. Store properly.

If you have marijuana lying around your house, the smell will fill the area. You can store unused weed in an air-tight vacuum-sealed bag or a mason jar. There are also products that are designed to keep the smell of on-the-go marijuana, which are great for carrying blunts around.

Whether or not you are in a place with legalized marijuana, its smell can still attract unwanted attention. Use the tips above to help you hide the aroma from your roommates, neighbours, parents, or landlords.