Basic Methods to Grow Cannabis Indoors

 Growing cannabis in your home can be simple if you know the fundamentals. You need to follow the steps below to cultivate your marijuana plant indoors successfully:

Step 1: Have a room or space for growing cannabis.

You should have a suitable area for the plant. The good news is it can be anything: a closet, a cabinet, tent, or a spare room in your house. The important thing is you tailor your plants and equipment to fit the place. In your initial planting project, start with these basics:

Go for smaller grow since it is less expensive to set up.
Begin with just a few plants for easy monitoring.
There should be enough head space since the plants can double (or triple) in size as they flower.
Make sure the room can be sanitized easily.
Space should be cool and dry with access to fresh air.

Stealth is also crucial, so you want to conceal the plants from nosy neighbors.

Step 2: Have a good quality of light.

Light can affect the quality and quantity your weed yields, so have the finest lighting setup your money can buy. Here are your top choices:

High-intensity discharge (HID) lights: They are the industry standard as they combine value, efficiency, and output. They cost more than fluorescents and incandescent fixtures, but they give more light per electric unit used.
Fluorescents: These grow lights are ideal for hobby growers because of their cheap cost, and they do not need a cooling system, unlike HID setups.
Light Emitting Diode (LED): They are more expensive than HIDs, but they last much longer and do not use as much electricity. They also do not create too much heat and are designed to generate more light, which can lead to bigger and better yields.

Cannabis plants need a lot of light, so you want to invest in a good piece of equipment to harvest more.

Step 3: Provide fresh air.

Marijuana needs fresh air so that it can grow properly. You need to provide a grow area that is well-ventilated; otherwise, it will have insects that can diminish your yield. Air should circulate in the room through a vent or a window. You can use a carbon filter, which can help remove the distinct smell so that other people will not detect the aroma.

Step 4: Choose the right seeds.

If you are a beginner, the best way to start is with seeds, instead of cutting or cloning from an existing plant. Seeds have higher germination rate compared to cloned plants (85% vs. 50%). Here are some tips when selecting a seed:

Avoid pale, green, soft, or damaged seeds.
Look for one with a hard outer shell: brown, tan or black mottling (typically sativa) or darker seeds with tiger stripes (usually Indica).
Start with as many seeds as possible as long as they can fit your grow room. Use feminized seeds as much as possible, which means you will produce female plants.

Weed will thrive with these steps, along with the right room temperature and nutrients. Water the plants regularly as well and make sure it maintains pH levels for best results.