Good news for London based marijuana users

79 years old Lee Harris is a nice British politician who … “One moment, you said that a politician is nice? Are you kidding??”. One moment mate, you must not enrage sooo fast.

Mr Harris is a candidate for mayor of London, which aims is to make the gloomy and rainy capital of Britain a better place.

Why is this so special? Well, he was a self-confessed hippy in the past, and he has the idea that London would be a much happier place if marijuana is legalized.

This gentleman, who has gray hair, and is a grandfather of three grandchildren, is the head, and new brand candidate of a party called CISTA’s (Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol).

In fact this party believes that the problems caused by alcohol are much more severe than those caused by marijuana. It is true that there should be a regulation and control.

“Cannabis can chill us out and heal us” -Mr.Lee Harris said past sunday-

It is believed that, if marijuana is legalized it could have more than two million pounds in taxes collected, and this would greatly help the public finances.

He is a South African who came to Britain fleeing Apartheid, so he knows very well that a society that is tolerant and open, can be a more free society.

Mr. Lee Harris believes that, in addition, the legalization of cannabis could be beneficial for society because drug trafficking will be avoided, and “London will be a safer place”.

This candidate has become someone very popular. Truly, it is unlikely that his party will win the elections, but he is a sincere example of a modern politician, someone who supports a fair cause, and that is really dedicated to politics, not for his ego, but to improve the society.

At our web, we support the ideas of Mr. Harris. If we were Londoners, we would probably vote for him.