Why couples who smoke together stay together?

Although factors of relationship longevity vary, many stoner couples claim that the quality and happiness of their relationship is heightened by their third lover— Mary Jane.

In fact, the healing powers of marijuana go beyond treatments for headaches and other chronic pain, according to a new study that suggests the drug is truly correlated to happier marriages.

Do couples that smoke together, stay together?

What does the science say?

The University of Buffalo School of Public Health found, in their study published in the journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviours, that married couples who smoked weed together were far less likely to become violent towards each other.

634 couples were examined during their first 9 years of marriage. Married couples who smoked with each had lower rates of domestic abuse (physical and verbal), and the same was found if only one partner got a ‘lil high.

Researchers note, however, that the cannabis’ physical effect on the brain is probably not the only factor, as couples who smoke together probably have a similar set of values and hang out with the same types of people.

This intimate sharing of beliefs is likely a key element to the study’s findings.

Interestingly enough, the University of Buffalo said last year that heavy drinking is also good for marriages, if the couples are getting shwastey together. So does that mean getting crunk’d with your spouse will make for a rock-solid marriage bond? If the science says so, we’re all for it.

In a practical way, what happens with stoner couples?
We came up here with 3 reasons why weed may help a relationship:

#1. Interests are shared

cute couple painting new home

According to an Open University study in 2013, having shared interests is seen as a “key connector in the couple relationship.” For some people its biking, for others it’s cooking together. There’s no reason that getting stoned together can’t serve the same purpose.

Taking out the trash, cleaning the fridge, making brunch for your mother-in-law’s birthday, walking to the store—activities that were once the most mundane parts of coupledom become enlightened and new.

Not only that, you can add smoking weed together to the list of things you both actually enjoy doing together (along with binge-watching House of Cards on Netflix and playing the fine sport of dodgeball).

Having shared interests can increase the longevity of relationships and enjoying the effects of weed is one more thing you can bond over.

#2. The little things are really little

little thing

We all have things that annoy, frustrate or irritate us about our significant others: They never do the dishes when it’s their turn, they forget to pick up the milk, they don’t know when you are upset even if you think it’s obvious, or maybe they just can’t read your mind when you want them to.

However, after smoking a joint together, these little things really do seem little, and reading each other’s minds could turn into a hilarious and totally plausible challenge.

Smoking weed with your significant other not only helps you both relax, it also helps you to forget those things and remember what is actually important—laughter, friendship, love and weed. The dishes can always be done later; plus, they are way more fun to do while high—bubbles, anyone?

#3. Sexy time is sexier

sex time

Many stoner couples report having amazing sex after smoking weed. Whether it’s because of the weed directly or because people feel more free and uninhibited after smoking isn’t certain.

However, THC is known for both its relaxing and euphoric properties, which could enhance the euphoria experienced when climaxing. Considering that the effects of marijuana are subjective, gather some data on your own (if you catch our drift).

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