Top 5 highest and lowest pot prices across the globe

In a truly open global market, marijuana would behave like any other commodity, with prices set by the market based on demand and supply factors. But weed isn’t like other commodities – it’s illegal in most places, and that influences the prices as well.

The average price for a gram of marijuana in the United States and much of Europe ranges approximately from $10 to $15 dollars. But in some countries, cannabis costs a lot more than that.

Here’s a little guide to the five most expensive and cheapest countries for marijuana consumers, as reported by


#1. United Arab Emirates | $110.0 per gram

Due to their extreme illegality, drugs are extremely high-priced throughout much of the UAE. Furthermore, individuals wishing to purchase recreational drugs must take great care to avoid detection and arrest.

However, although not abundant, drugs are available in most major cities within the UAE. In Dubai, areas that are frequented by street dealers (often African and Asian nationals) include Naif in Diera district and Al Baraha, a residential area that borders Diera.

#2. Norway | $21.90 per gram

Norway is far from the hash fields of Morocco and Afghanistan, but not so far from Holland. Still, its relatively strict marijuana laws—possession of more than 15 grams is considered evidence of dealing and punished harshly—and its far north location give it the dubious distinction of having the world’s highest reported pot prices.

#3. Estonia | $20.31 per gram

The Baltic nation has decriminalized the possession of up to 7.5 grams, but get caught with more than that and you can go to prison for five years. Estonians pay a rather high prohibition premium.

#4. Finland | $19.12 per gram

Another Scandinavian country with tough pot laws, not that much supply and high prices. Users reported they could generally obtain buds in Helsinki, just not very good ones. In countries loathe to make a distinction between hard and soft drug use, as is the case in most of Scandinavia, pot smokers pay a price.

#5. Japan | $15.67 per gram

Another country with tough marijuana laws, Japan also has little tradition of domestic marijuana cultivation. The government recently allowed residents to use CBD cannabis oil for medical reasons, but recreational pot is frowned upon.


#1. Uruguay | $1 per gram

The world’s cheapest pot prices aren’t the result of the free market, but are set by the government. Pot is legal, widely used, and you can grow up to six plants for personal use or join a collective and grow with others. But if you have to buy it, it’s only a buck.

#2. Brazil | $2.41 per gram

Maconha isn’t legal in Brazil, but it is cheap. Not only is it grown widely in-country, Brazil is also awash in Paraguayan weed, which could be called the Mexican brick weed of South America. And it borders Uruguay.

#3. India | $3.03 per gram

Although India is a signatory to the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs criminalizing marijuana, it’s been around forever, is considered one of the five “sacred plants,” and isn’t going anywhere. Pot grows on vast expanses of land, some cultivated, some not, and is used by some religious groups, as well as just regular folks. Like many things in India, it’s a real bargain.

#4. Afghanistan | $4.35 per gram

The world’s largest opium producer is also the world’s largest cannabis producer, according to UNODC, and low pot prices reflect Afghanistan’s status as a global drug warehouse. Afghan farmers are currently cranking out somewhere between 1,500 and 3,500 tons a year of the stuff, most of it processed into hash.

#5. South Africa | $4.45 per gram

While pot possession is decriminalized in South Africa, legalization—even of medical marijuana—currently looks to be a bridge too far. In the meantime, local producers are growing enough dagga to keep the price low.