Inspiration of the Day: the most creative joints ever rolled

Today’s generation has taken joint rolling to the next level. Since the internet has become, we have been able to see all types of joints and tried to master some of them.

There are so many different creative ways to roll weed…. So why go for the traditional pre-roll style that our parents have been using since the 60s?

Urban myth also has it that the form and creation of the joint may actually impart some variation of the quality of the drug experience.

We’ve all heard that weed can make you more creative. If nothing else, these absolutely crazy joints support that statement.

Here we take a look at some of the most insane looking joints stoners have created yet:

The Elephant Joint

980x 1

The Total Zen Joint

artistic joints1

The Flower and Tree Joint

artistic joints2

The Triple-Platt and Plane Joint

artistic joints3

The Scorpion Joint

scorpion joint