Weed wedding? “Yes, we do”

weed wedding

Once upon a time there was a pretty girl and a funny boy who fell in love. Like every young couple, they dreamt about making a big wedding party to celebrate their union. Church, bride dress, cake, dance floor and everything else that they could ask for. But there was something a bit weird in their dream… Instead of a regular bar, they wish to have a cannabar to give their guests some fun.

And so their wish came true…

No, this is not a children’s story, but could easily be a modern fairytale.

Brides and grooms, even ones who say they don’t partake often but want to be hospitable, are giving guests choices that are much different than the standard merlot or chardonnay. Now, the choice could be Tangerine Haze or Grape Ape.

The budtender in Oregon


That’s exactly how was the big day of John Elledge and his sweetheart, Whitney Alexander, who married in Oregon in August of this year.

Rather than handing out alcoholic drinks at the outdoor reception, the man and wife hired a ‘budtender’. On the menu? A selection of over 13 hand-picked strains of cannabis.

The idea for the open weed bar was hatched by groom, a ‘professional cannabis cultivator’.

“The oldest person in the tent was an 81-year-old woman who hadn’t smoked weed since the 1960s,” Elldredge said. “She loved it.”

And more: some guests are said to have called it a ‘life-changing’ event.

But the Elldredges are by no means alone. Instead, they look to be on the cutting edge of a new trend.

As marijuana goes mainstream, it’s also going matrimonial. Cannabis use at weddings is “out of the closet now”.


Because many people enjoy using marijuana in social settings. And also we can’t forget that cannabis is now legal for all adults over 21 many states of USA, such as Colorado, Washington and Oregon.

Many more states and countries will be following suit in the next few years, so don’t be surprised if you receive a letterpress hemp invite to a full-fledged weed wedding.

What if i’m not used to green weddings?

weed wedding2

There’s no need to feel intimidated, even if you’ve never touched marijuana in your life. This wonderful plant is a lot less scary than it sounds, and besides its endless medical applications, cannabis is regarded by some as a superfood when juiced.

Think of cannabis as a different type of cocktail. If you’re going to imbibe, take it easy with the actual booze, or skip it entirely. The more you know about exactly what you’re consuming, the better you’ll feel.

Here’s another positive reason to keep in mind: consuming cannabis is safer than consuming alcohol.

Now that you understand why weed weddings are the perfect way to celebrate the love of two people, you won’t sweat when you find out about attending your next cannabis fueled nuptials.

The addition of marijuana to a wedding will create unique memories for everyone involved. Believe!

A new business opportunity

weed wedding 3

New entrepreneurs also know this. It’s not a coincidence that local wedding planners are catering to find enthusiasts who want to make their nuptials a little chiller.

Blogs such as Cannabride and Love and Marij provide resources for brides looking for “4/20 friendly vendors,” such as photographers and caterers. There’s also Edible Events, which describes itself as “Colorado’s premiere cannabis event production company.”

weed wedding5

And that’s not all…

There are also people out there helping those who want to find their stoner someone.

That’s the case of Highly Devoted, a relationship consulting website for intelligent & motivated cannabis users. Its founder, Molly Peckler, understands the priorities and attitudes of the cannabis community, and provides clients with the tools necessary to find happiness, confidence and love.