10 mistakes to avoid when growing weed indoors

First, let’s remove any fear you may have that growing marijuana is going to be difficult. It is not.

That being said, before starting your own production, you should pay attention to the mistakes that most people fall for. If you take care of these things, you will have a much greater chance of success.

# 1. Telling People

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You can and you MUST be extremely proud of your accomplishments as you successfully harvest your homegrown marijuana. But don’t tell anybody that does not have to know. How can you expect anybody else to keep a secret that you cannot?

Protect your investment – Shut-up!

# 2. Using Seeds From Bad Plants

cannabis sativa seeds

If someone handed you a piece of candy with no wrapper, would you eat it? No. And the same holds true for seeds. If seeds are given to you for free or you aren’t sure of the exact origin, most likely they are pretty low quality.

A lot of growers have seeded marijuana that they believe they can start growing with. The problem is that 90% of the final product is going to be the result of genetics, rather than anything that you do in the grow room. In reality, this is how you end up with early flowering males, hermaphrodites, or late flowering females.

Before you use seeds that you don’t know the story behind, you should spend time and energy in buying proper seeds.

In Ministry of Cannabis we sell only feminized seeds to always ensure the quality you deserve.

# 3. Overwatering

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Too much water can kill young marijuana plants.

Following germination, allow the surface to get crusty. Stick your finger a couple of cm under the soil, if no moisture, then water thoroughly. Sink water should sit open for 24 hours or more to release chlorine among other potentially harmful sediments.

# 4. Overfertilizing


This is a very easy mistake to make, since people worry so much about the amount of nutrients that their plants have. If your soil contains certain nutrients, do not add more of these with your watering schedule.

To be sure you’re doing right, always pay attention to your plants on a daily basis and seek help with very specific problems that you are having, rather than asking general questions about nutrient mixtures.

# 5. Using Not Enough Light

cannabis lights

It’s important to understand that the main factor that will determinate the plant will get to its optimal height and bulk is how much light it gets. Plants need light, and plants that make big buds need lots of light!

This doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy a 1000w HPS for your small grow, in fact many growers start with CFLs. What it does mean is that you can expect the amount of bud your plant produces to be proportional to the amount of light it gets.

# 6. Not Creating The Right Environment


If you are going to grow marijuana, you should keep the humidity ideally between 50 and 60 percent (30-70 is till ok) and the temperature from 21 to 28 degrees (16 to 33 still acceptable, but not ideal). This might seem like a no brainer, but too many people think that air circulation that is “good enough” is fine for a decent harvest.

Always make sure that you have the right ventilation system in place. Not to mention the kind of problems you’ll face in terms of disease and pests once you stop keeping the humidity under control.

# 7. Disrupting The Plant Sleep

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Plants need total darkness at night. Go into your grow room at night, close the door, and check to see if light is leaking in from anywhere – and if so, fix that issue immediately.

Don’t visit the room at night, if you really can’t avoid it, get a green light, it is not disturbing your plant and you will avoid to fall over them.

# 8. Mistiming The Growth Cycles

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The separate growth cycles are very important to the life of your plant. Without proper vegetation, flowering is going to suffer. That is why mistiming the growth cycles is going to lead to a large number of problems compared to other issues that you might face.

You should always make sure that you induce flowering just before the plants have filled the space. If they start flowering and grow too large, you are going to have a lot of problems in terms of both space and plant health.

This can take some time to master, but once you understand the growth cycles inside of your grow room you can start to have much larger harvests season after season.

# 9. Overpruning


Everyone knows that pruning a plant can help boost the growth and create plants that fit into the space that you have available, but what happens when you prune them too much?

Overpruning is going to weaken your plants and even kill them in some cases. It remains true that there are some times when pruning can be beneficial, but pruning the whole plant will bring nothing but problems in the long run. Do it only if you have the right technique.

# 10. Harvesting Too Early

harvesting cannabis

This can be tough. When your plants start budding, it is easy to want to hurry and harvest them. But BE PATIENT, you have waited and nurtured for this long.

Your plants can probably gain weight by waiting too. Ideally, you should be waiting until your plants have completely stopped growing and the white pistils have turned brown, at least  80% of them. This is also when the levels of THC is at the highest point, making it incredibly beneficial for you to wait until your plants are completely ready.

Remember: The more knowledge you have, the less mistakes you will make. And most of the mistakes are made by somebody else before, so learn from them.