Britain’s first cannabis pharmacy opens in London

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The UK’s first ever legal cannabis pharmacy has opened its doors to the public this week, but if you are already thinking about deleting your favourite dealer ́s phone number, wait until the end of this post.

Carun UK, located in Twickenham, south London, is offering a range of health and beauty products using the “healing powers” of hemp, which the group claim helps humans recover. They are in fact the most famous medical cannabis portal of the Czech Republic, where the company first set up shop.

The Carun ́s owner, Michal Takac, said he was inspired to bring the remedies to the public after he lost three fingers in an accident in a printing plant. He used cannabis-based oils to treat his wounds and thus began his journey into alternative medicine. “We are made by nature and we should be treated by nature,” he said.

But here is the bad new…

If you are one of those people hoping to be able to buy something that makes you light-headed, better not getting overly excited:
None of the products from Carun contain enough THC. Yes, you ́ve read it right: there is very very little THC in the preparations. So, unless you’re willing to chow down on a pot of face cream (which we wouldn’t advise) you’re not actually going to get stoned with their gear.

Unlike marijuana, which has a THC level of up to 30% (the psychoactive chemical that makes you high), Carun products only contain around 0.3%.

Carun UK, on the other hand, believe they are onto a winner as they are offering hemp treatments for:

  • Rashes
  • Allergies
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Wrinkles
  • Stretch marks

However this may not be the kind of pharmacy some were hoping for, is the actual first of its kind in the country – we can ́t forget.

Would be this the first step to legalizing Marijuana in the UK? What do you think?