Medical Marijuana in New York

Medical Marijuana in the State of New York.

The Department of health of New York (DOH) is accepting application for dispensary who are willing to grow medical marijuana. The deadline for filling an application is 29th of May.

Only five applicants will be approved.

To apply you must :

  • Pay a non refundable application fee of 10 000$
  • Pay a non refundable registration fee on 200 000$

Applicants that will be approved will only have the licence to grow medical marijuana in 4 dispensaries and must be geographically spread in to multiples counties across the state.

Each approved licences will be authorized to grow 5 medical marijuana strains and the DOH will regulate the prices for all the cannabis products.

The implementation date of program is the January 5, 2016. All applicants must be ready before the date.

New York’s Patients who want to use medical marijuana will have to set up a documentation registration with a certified Physician.

The qualification conditions are :

The amount of medical marijuana and number of patients is limited and the DOH has not yet begun the process for registering the doctors or the patients. The Dispensaries applying know that they are facing a period of two years without any incomes.

However mots of the company believe that it’s a long term investments, they believe that this program will expand as it matures. They also believe that the weed will be decriminalized   in the state and in the nation.

Words from Adam Bierman of MedMen

“The program will inevitably expand. The people will push for expansion,”  “New York will have recreational pot. It’s inevitable.”