Volcano Vaporizer

Let’s talk about a revolutionary way to smoke cannabis that appeared 15 years ago the Vaporizers.

Many studies conclude that vaporizers can Drastically Reduce Toxins in Marijuana Smoke
The studies revealed that the safest way to smoke cannabis was by vaporizing it. The Rolls Royce of the Herbal Vaporizers is the Volcano® Manufactured in Germany by Storz & Bickel


How it works? The Volcano® is designed to heat material to temperatures of 130° to 230° C (266° to 446° F) where medically active vapours are produced, but below the threshold of combustion where smoke is formed.

The vapours from the Volcano® were found to consist overwhelmingly of THC, the major active component in marijuana, whereas the combusted smoke contained over 100 other chemicals, including several polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), carcinogenic toxins that are common in tobacco smoke. The respiratory hazards of marijuana and tobacco smoke are due to toxic byproducts of combustion, not the active ingredients in the plant, known as cannabinoids. Previous studies have found that vaporizers can reduce harmful toxins in cannabis smoke. 

An important feature of the Volcano® is that it uses a balloon to capture the vapour, thereby avoiding leakage to the air. It is possible that higher THC efficiencies could have been reached with the Volcano® by stirring the sample around and exposing it to more heat.

Volcano also increases the CBD (cannabidiol) And CBN (cannabinol).But the variance of the data was too high to reach statistically significant conclusions.

At Ministry of Cannabis we have a Volcano and we love the Volcano meetings!