Our Ultimate Guide to Germinate Your Cannabis Seeds


We’re always in contact with our clients and some of them, that just received their first high quality seeds from Ministry, requested tips on germination. We also noticed that many people don’t know almost anything about this fundamental step. That are different ways to germinate your seeds, rather they are Sativa or Indica and a few things to avoid in the process. Read this if your are a first-timer, you will save money!


Once the seed has turned a deep shade of brown it is capable to germinate. Don’t worry with that process, cause all of our seeds are ready to go!

We always suggest you to plant directly in the planting medium. If you are growing in soil, you can make a mini whole about 0.5 cm deep (0.2 in), cover gently with soil and press slightly.

Once in the medium, moist the soil without making it too wet. Cover the pot with a transparent plastic film, that will act like a greenhouse in the first few days. You can also germinate them in rock wool, in this case you can buy rock wool cubes that has been already prepared; if not, you must leave them soaking in water with a PH slightly acid (5.5-6). Then put the rock wool cubes or the pot with soil in a warm environment (18-24 degrees celsius or 65-75 F.) till the little shroud comes out. This is the right moment to remove the plastic film.


1. Be patient.

2. Use a new, sterile and fine grained planting medium. So a new rock wool cube, or new NEUTRAL soil.

3. Some people start their seedlings under fluorescents lights and then transfer them to stronger lights. This is the perfect strategy, your plants and your wallet will love this move.

4. When the seedlings emerge, gently water them with room temperature water and a dilute germination fertiliser, starting at 30% of the recommended dosage and raise up daily.

5. Seedlings should receive a light input of 30 to 60 watts per square foot (or every 30 sq. cm). As soon as they comes out of the medium, they need light, IMMEDIATELY


1. Your seeds don’t need plenty of light this stage, but don’t let them in a cold or dry area.

2. Don’t let the medium get dried, this will kill your seeds in a matter of one hour, or less.

3. Don’t let the medium get flooded with water, else they will drawn and start to decompose.


1. You can use a “Baby Wipe Warmer” to keep your seeds warm. It’s economical and holds temperature and moisture well.

2. Older seeds take longer to germinate and sometimes you don’t know if it is really going to happen. Remember it can takes up to 10 days before something happens.

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