The italian government authorised the army to produce medical marijuana in Florence

There is a very nice news for all the medical cannabis users in Italy: The government said last week that the Army has been authorized to produce medical marijuana in Florence to be distributed to medical patients. This is huge step ahead for Italy. Till now the Health agencies bought the marijuana from The Netherlands and that would made the costs very high and the procedure for the patients very complicated. The things were so complicated for the patiences that only a few teens of them could get their medical marijuana for from the government. Many of them got their medicine only after an order of the judge. Italy is one of the last big European country to have a regulation for medical cannabis. It is a very curious that the government have chosen a big building of the army as the production site for the marijuana. In reality that building belongs already to a particular branch of the army that is already dedicated to the production of regulated substances and medicine. So it seems that the life of the Italian patient that needs medical marijuana will improve a lot in the next coming weeks. This is the second major change in Italy about marijuana this year. Last spring the supreme court (corte costituzionale) of Italy have decided that the law against the drug was against the Constitution and in fact they re-introduce the difference between heavy and light drugs. Now that maximum sentence that you can get for marijuana trafficking is six year, heavily reduced from the 20 years of previews law. These are very good news for medical cannabis patiences and for everybody else that use cannabis even for recreational purposes in Italy.