When will America learn?

The war on drug is a term that define an artificial phoenomena created in USA 70 years ago. It has been a failure ever since and it didn’t help one single person on the planet to fight his problem with a substance. The war in Iraq in an artificial  phoenomena too. It has been created in 2003 in violation of the UN conventions, for the only reasonto support the gluttony of the friends of a  president of the country that invaded Iraq. 1937, 2003, 2008 what is changed? Nothing. There is a man that is the only one between all the american candidates that is proposing to leave Iraq instantly, to end the war on drugs instantly, to close the CIA instantly. And what Americans do? Support all the other candidates except him. Like that Barak Obama,that admitted to use weed and coke when he was younger, but that wanna drug users still in jail. Like over 1 million person in this very moment, injail for being drug users. Mostly with black skin, like him. What a squalor!