The Singapore’s drug scene

Singapore is well know in the world as a fast growing Asian miracle. A little country that in a few decades became an important actor in the international scene, at economical, medical, social and sometimes legal. We says legal because the system of laws, that are the toughest in the world, especially about drugs but not only: if  our memory is not failing, you can be imprisoned in SIngapore as turist we you bring into the country bubblegum, yes ladys and gentlemen, not the famous strain of weed, the bubblegum that we buy for 1 euro per package and we chew. With this premises, nobody would expect to find any drug user in the country.Instaed the scene is really active. High-flying foreign bankers and other expatriates use ecstasy and snort cocaine and smoke marijuana. They risk up to 10 years of jail, and a fine up to 20.000 USD. But the real risk is for their suppliers. In Singapore, anyone caught carrying more than 15 grams of heroin, 30 grams of cocaine, 500 grams of cannabis or 250 grams of methamphetamines faces a mandatory death sentence by hanging. Singapore defends its position by saying it needs tough laws to deter drug traffickers. We believe that it’s all another lie. If you care for someone, why would you send him to jail for 10 years, once you have admitted that he has a problem? If you are going to visit Singapore, please take the maximum care and go there clean and stay clean.