Look who s talking

Three cannabis-flavoured drinks have been removed from sale after a serie of complaints. These 3 drinks, produced by Beveland SA products are the Perigan’s Cannabis-Flavoured Gin, Iganoff Cannabis-Flavoured Vodka and Rodnik’s Cannabis-Flavoured Absinthe. All of them shows a cannabis leaf on the label. The Portman Group, the watchdog of the alcohol industry, has ruled that the drinks breach one of its codes of practice: “Too many young adults these days regard alcohol and illicit drugs as interchangeable, the industry must not contribute to this attitude, but instead distance itself totally from illegal drugs”, says David Poley, chief executive of the Portman Group.

Right, let’s go on with this ridiculous farce, cannabis is so banned that a leaf cannot even be shown on a label. The alcohol, the substance that has killed more than evey other substance in history, is perfectly legal.

Now is given to the alcohol industry even the power to draw the moral for everybody, and decide wheter or not a cannabis leaf can or cannot be shown. Nice world, our world.