British DJ held in Dubai for cannabis possession

Just a few weeks ago we have spoken about Dubai, and now we have to do it again. And again, it’s not a good news. Raymond Bingham, AKA Dj Grooverider was expected to do a gig in a club in Dubai last november 23. Stopped by the douane at his arrival, the cops found a little amount of cannabis and something that is consider over there like pornography. In Dubai, one of the seven emirates that makes UAE (United Arab Emirates) the possession of a small amount (or even traces) of drug lead to a 4 year sentence. If you are a smuggler, you can be sentenced to death. Pornography (the concept includes every nude image) is a big offence, too. In the meantime Dj Grooverider is waiting his process. Dj Grooverider is famous in UK for being the co-host of a drum and bass programme called ‘Fabio and Grooverider’ on BBC Radio 1.