Dubai: drugs laws are not the same for everybody

The Emirate of Dubai is recently at the center of discussions about its drug policy. In particular, news and governments of several western countries (French, USA, Italy etc) had to speak about Dubai because several co-citizens has been sentences to several years of prison for possessions of ridiculous amount of hashish or marijuana. So, a 27 years old frenchman has bee sentenced to 4 uears for 0.9 gr of hashish. But the worst estiny is for an italian guy 24 years old, stopped at the airport with 1/100 gr of hashish yes you read good, 0.01 gr of hashish.

But what the smart people of Dubai decides if is Dallas  Austin to be catched,he’s a famous R’n’B producer, friend of rockstars and politicians? He’s been catched with a lot more than 0.01 gr of hashish, he was catched bringing into the country over one gram of cocaine and ecstasy. They sentence him to the usual 4 years (yeah people, proportion seems an unknown concept in Dubai) and they forgave him a few hour later, after the “support” arrived from Utah Republican Senator Orrin Hatch, singer Lionel Richie, producer Quincy Jones and others.

So if you wanna go to Dubai, don’t bring with you any trace of any drug. Unless you are rich and famous, in this case you are free to do everything you want. They will forgive you.