Cannabis Ice Tea, EU commission expressed concern

EU commission expressed concern about an Ice Tea that is producted and legally sold in EU, the C-Ice Swiss Cannabis Ice Tea. That tea is advertised by pointing that it contains 5% cannabis extract and 0.0015% THC – the psychoactive substance of the cannabis. The commission accuses the producer to violate a European Directive 2000/13/EC that forbids  giving misleading information about a product. More in general, the Commission is afraid that such a product could trigger positive attitudes toward cannabis use among young people. Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Spain, Portugal and the UK are some of the countries that legally and freely sell the Ice Tea. Many other country have forbidden the sale of the beverage, and they have based their decision on article 30 of the EC Agreement, which approves prohibition of products over moral and social health concerns. What a polemic for just a few drops of (inoffensive) tea!