Swiss research Finds Marijuana Use Alone May Benefit Some Teens

A recently published Swiss study is making a lot of noise for its content, that sounds revolutionnary: “Teens that use cannabis may function better than teen tobacco-users, and appear to be more socially driven and have fewer psychosocial problems than those who do not use either substance”. This statement is contained in the final report of this study that has involved 5.263 students, a  very large sample. 3105 of them didn’t use any drug, 455 of them smoke marijuana only and 1703 smoke marijuana mixed with tobacco. The report also says “…even though they are more likely to skip class, they have the same level of good grades; and although they have a worse relationship with their parents, they are not more likely to be depressed”.

Once again, a study shows evidence that marijuana is not a monster. The fact that american scientists have immediately started to scream while reading these results is pretty obvious. How can they justify 80 years of miserable failures in their stupid “war on drugs”?