Germination of the cannabis seeds, some common mistakes

Germinating cannabis seeds is a fairly easy task, we are sure that most of them can make it in the correct and appropriate way. For those who had problems in the past there are 3 main mistakes to avoid.

Too deep: this is a really common mistake, in this case the seed it’s several centimeters deep in the soil. If it will sproud (and mostly it won’t) it will quickly suffocate before it can even see the light. Remember to put the your seeds at 0.5 -1 cm deep in the soil, not deeper.

Too wet: there are many growers that are simply abondant with everything, but the cannabis plant doesn’t like too much water, even in this first stage of life.So once you have correctly positioned the seed at 0.5 – 1 cm deep in the soil, make the soil  nicely humid, but not wet. The seedling will need not only water, but also air: avoiding a surplus of water is the best way to ensure that the young plant can breath.

Soil too rich: this is not the moment to fertilize or use a pre-fertilized soil: most of the strains will love if you germinate them in a normal neuter soil (universal soil) and if you avoid to add fertilizers for the first 7-10 days.