In Lebanon the hashish production has restarted.

Lebanon wasa well known hashsh producer till a few decades ago. Lebanon Red and Lebanon Gold were words associated  to something really high quality. The production reached its top, in quantity and quality, in the period 1975-1990, during the civil war. Hashish production is illegal in Lebanon, and each year since the early 1990s police backed by troops bulldoze the crops before they could be harvested. Now  things are different, and the fields occupied by marijuana plants are growing. It’s a very good bargain for the farmers, and according most of them, it’s worth the risk. The Bekaa Valley is one of the zone where the production is more concentrated. The hashish can be sold here for about 700 dollars per kilo. This is much more than what the farmers can earn with traditional products, and this explain why there are a lot people that take this risk. This news will certainly make happy a lot of cannabis lovers around the world, maybe one of these days they can taste the sweet aroma that made the lebanon hashish famous worldwide.