An interesting project

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During our daily surfing on internet,we have found the website. It’s a project that put together the MAP (Media Awareness Project) and the Drug Policy Central (DPC) offering an extensive amoount of information about the War on Drugs, its failure and the possible alternatives. “We exist to provide accurate information relevant to drug policy in order to heighten awareness of the extreme damage being caused to our nation and the world by our current flawed and failed ‘War on Drugs.’ We aim to inform the public of the existence of rational alternativesto the drug war, and to help organize citizens to bring about needed reforms […]”. To read their presentation, visit their website. By our side, we have appreciated a lot the distinction Education vs. Indoctrination: they define themselves as “pragmatists who believe “that a public well informed about the death, disease and social blight produced by current U.S.drug policy must inevitably seek to reform it”. And our opponents? Aquick look at the definition for “indoctrination” pretty much says it all.”