The Amnesia Cannabis Strain

The Amnesia Cannabis strain, why is it so popular?

The Amnesia strain is one of the most popular in the history of marijuana and the name is almost as popular world wide as other dutch greats such as white widow and Neville’s Haze. There is no doubt that this plant is potent, highly productive and a must have in most dispensaries and clinics. It has an award winning history and a future that is closely tied to the ruderalis strain and likely more Cannabis Cup Awards heading it’s way.

A lot can be said about the Amnesia strain, as there are many traits that help make this strain so popular. First though the potency has to be considered. This strain earns it’s name. With more than 20% THC by mass in many of the plants (numbers vary between growing conditions) people have reported blacking out when smoking too much of this plant. Like a craft beer, this plant has a stronger effect that comes with a wonderful sweet and fruity aroma of this Sativa dominated strain. Sometimes amnesia strains are as much as 90% Sativa and as low as 10% indica genetically speaking.

The strain was originally bred in California, then taken to Amsterdam by David Paul Watson. Watson became known as Skunk man for his contributions to the marijuana world. In 1990 he went on to from HortaParm B.V. And has been breeding and developing marijuana for pharmaceutical purposes. Apparently the rest of his strains are as potent as Amnesia and there are tales told about his experimenal plants producing THC concentrations as high as 90% by plant mass. One can only hope these rumors are true and we can get our hand on this as soon as possible.

Amnesia cannabis strain

An Uplifting Healing High

The Exhilerating and energetic effects is brought about by the sativa genetics, which produce the high amount of THC. It is usually thought provoking and relaxed but active. Sitting still causes the fidgets and nervousness as the effect promotes activity. The Eucalyptol plays a role in the uplifting and euphoric feeling of the sativa strain, and is one of the major differences between the two strains. The high is one of the best in the world of marijuana, which is part of why it is one of the most requested strains in the world.

It will also boost appetite and numb pain with the addition of the Indica strain, meaning it can be used as effective medicine for a number of ailments such as chronic pain, glaucoma, depression and during cancer treatment to help protect nerve cells, promote appetite as well. There are a number of different medicines that are being studied based on THC, CBD, and CBN as scientists start exploring the potential uses of all of the cannabinoids.

A Deep Interaction with Our Bodies

THC affects the body by means of the endocannabinoid system, endo impying that it is within the body. There are two protien receptors found on cells that are associated with this biological system, aptly named CB1 and CB2 receptors, where THC and the other cannabinoids act. These interaction bring a number of health benefits, which includes protection from brain trauma and neuro-degenerative disorder such as Alzheimer’s and prions. It also protects the brain from damage cause by drinking, so lighting up in the middle of a long night might help prevent the damage of a much more dangerous chemical.

Like the name implies though, this strain is highly potent and some even report missing time if they smoke too much of it. This is not the beginners strain in terms of smoking, but is uually a great experience for anyone who tries it. Sometimes it can induce amnesia, as cannabinoids can cause memory short term memory loss, but this is with excessive use, which no one is going to promote. Smoke this responsibly and you will have a good social time.

In contrast to Indica plants, Sativa plants are tall instead of bushy, with thin leaves that are lighter in color because of the presence of more accessory pigments than chlorophyl. The lack of chlorophyl is one of the reason that these plants take longer to mature. While indica plants will go through the same process in as little as 6 to 8 weeks, Sativa plants take between 10 and 16 weeks to fully flower from onset.

For outdoor grows which means that they are better for southern latitudes. They are suitable for indoor growing, but sativa’s are twice the size of indica plants, so there are space considerations. Outdoors they will grow as much as 1000 grams or more per plant because of their size, but they do not finish flowering until well into the second week of October. Protect the plants from cold snaps that might come early to your outdoor grow and ruin the flowers.

With flowering begins in September outdoors, a Sativa plant might not be ready to harvest until well into October or early November when conditions have deteriorated  in northern Latitudes. This will inhibit the plant from reaching its maximum potential yield, unless an auto-flower is used, or the plant is grown in doors. The amount of yield is dependent on how long a grower decides to let the plant grow vegetative before switching to the flowering phase.

Dominant Sativa Potency and Fragrance.

The breed is made with a variety of Asian sativa genetics, which could be Thai, Cambodian or Laotian depending on the breeder. The variety of sativa genetics offer diverse number strengths and blends together some intoxicating aromas like sweet and sour citrus, orange blossoms, over top a spice   There is always the combination of a Jamaican Haze sativa that brings more sweetness and potency with a high that is often psychedelic. With the addition of a small percentage of Indica, the plant has just a small amount of mold resistance and CBD. This also allows for the faint aroma of earthiness.

There are many benefits of an indica lineage, not least of which is the higher CBD levels, which interact with serotonin receptors. This, along with a terpene called Eucalyptol help promote a happy, euphoric effect that indica strains are known for. Eucalyptol is also considered one of the major differences between indica and sativa plants in terms of effects. These two chemicals should be labeled for hybrid strains in terms of concentrations in order to allow consumers better choose their product and high.

Ruderalis Expands Growth and Value

With the addition of ruderalis to the scene, the entire world of marijuana has been changed. Amnesia is no exception to this rule, and is now available as an auto-flowering strain, that does not skimp on the potency. Breeders have had time to inspect generation after generation of different combinations of the three strains and are now producing super auto-flowers that have high potency and can have delayed flowering so the plants grow larger. These plants exceed all other strains in yield by area.

A good marijuana seed is worth hundreds of times it’s weight in gold. High yielding, environmentally resistant strains are prized around the world with prices fetching $60 per eighth on the market. A seed grown into a large plant can have several pounds of bud. A $5 seed turns into a plant worth as much if not more than $5000 depending on the growing conditions. As extraction artists start gaining further control of their craft and art with Carbon Dioxide, individual cannabinoids will be isolated and will also be worth more than gold.

Ruderalis was originally discovered in the eastern Himalayas in the southern soviet states and has been a part of the interests of breeders for almost half a century. The rugged environment has made the ruderalis plant durable, and given it a trait that is somewhat unique to the flowering world: a flowering period that is started based on age. Naturally breeders immediately started creating strains with this trait by breeding it with sativa and indica plants hundreds up times.

Since the first breeds were created, the potency has increased dramatically, making these seeds some of the most sought after on the market. They are feminized as well, so that all plants that are planted will produce bud if the growing conditions are appropriate for the given strain. In an outdoor setting this means a grower can expect 3 or more crops per year depending on how they time their plants, even of sativa plants with their extended period of flower growth.

Having the right bud is key to operating a dispensary. An owner has to put aside personal preferences in order to pick what his customers want. Watching sales is and doing market research will make it easy, but given the popularity of Amnesia, this is a must have for a Coffee Shop or dispensary owner. Amnesia is the perfect choice for a dispensary wanting to provide the best medicine to their patients.