Big Buds XXL

The biggest marijuana producer, the Big Bud

Imagine the biggest bud you have ever seen or grown, then double it. Even then it might not be as big as Big Bud, unless of course you saw or grew Big Bud. For years Big Bud has been the heavy weight champion of the Marijuana world, winning its first Cannabis Cup award in 1989 and never looked back. With potency above 15% THC, this mostly indica strain has become a staple in the marijuana industry.

Big Bud offers a number of advantages to growers and breeders looking for an indica strain. Big bud makes great medicine, unsurprisingly have high yields, has less leaves, bring a spicy aroma that bears a semblance of sweetness, has been made into a feminized and auto-flowering strain, and is an easy plant to grow due to quick flowering and natural indica defenses. It’s a great choice for beginners indoors and outdoors who want to grow the biggest buds of their life.

A Mellow Cross of Indica and Sativa

The Big Bud genetics have made many cross breeds which have been increasing yields of skunk and Afghan strains for more than thirty years. The indica traits, such as dark leaves, spicy aromas play well into the heavy aromas of the skunk strain. Both are backed by a sweetness stemming from an introduction of sativa several generations back. The culminating plants have massive buds with bigger than average yields making it a sought after strain worldwide.

Using more sativa will add some extra sweetness and THC to the strain, and perhaps a little Eucalyptol which is a known euphoria and helps energize a body buzz from an indica high that can be highly sedative in nature. Not to say that it will leave you locked to the couch, but it will definitely help with daily aches and pains, and increase appetite. Be prepared with a snack and comfortable place to sit if you want to get the full relaxed atmosphere.

The onset of the high is mellow as it slowly creeps over you. Sometimes users have not even noticed that it has taken effect until their pain or other symptoms have already been alleviated. The high can be a bit distracted and forgetful, so it is not necessarily the best day time high, but makes for a great evening after a long day of work. Dinner conversation might be a little distracted, if not downright silly, but heightened senses make the food taste amazing. Many people report an increase in tactile sensations, which can further enhance the night after dark.

Like most Indica strains big bud has dark, broad dark leaves that help it grow faster during the vegetative state. Indica plants are usually smaller more manageable and is accompanied with a short 50 Day flowering period indoors, which becomes 8-9 weeks outdoors. This strain is perfect for either environment even in more northern latitudes. It also is not a bad place to start for beginners since the plant is pretty strong. It can handle a wider range of temperatures and is resistant to certain kinds of mold.

Less Pruning More Earning

Another benefit of big bud seeds is the limited necessity to manicure the plant. Most of the top stems form into big buds with limited leaves. This saves growers time and money, and means that less resins will fall off the plant during processing. The large buds are covered in crystals and long orange hairs that are fully exposed from a lack of leaves that normally need to be trimmed from the plant. The lack of manicuring saves time and money to get the bud to market or into a desk top vaporizer.

Often times this means breeding multiple generations of the plant in order to tweak the terpene and cannabinoid levels by adding more or less indica and sativa. Big Bud can easily grow quite tall because of the sativa influence, so tending to the canopy is required or the plant will become unstable under the weight of the massive buds. This plant is perfect for a Sea of Green or Screen of Green canopy grow, assuming proper support is given to the buds. Lack of proper support can lead to broken stems during the flowering process.

A Yields and High Times Cannabis Cups

Subsequent variations and breeds including Big Bud have gown on to win a large number of cannabis awards, and a revitalized Big Bud with a new flavor profile won the 1996 High Time Cannabis cup on top of the previous 1989 victory. Big Bud is the biggest and best Indica has to offer, perfectly accented and enhanced with the addition of some sativa traits. Breeders everywhere want to use Big Bud to increase the yields of their genetics. Both of these victories were made possible initially by Sacred Seed Company for the 1989 strain, and a combination of Sensi Seeds and Seed Bank for the later victory.

For business owners, more bud means more money very simply. This bud helps with the bottom line and has a wonderful light green color that is accented by orange leaves that many people love to see. The trichomes are bulbous and full of cannabinoid, which customers and growers alike enjoy seeing. This strain is a must have in any indica section, or in the garden of an indica loving enthusiast at least once. Usually people grow it more than once after they fall in love with the body high and enhanced senses, but branching out is easy since this strain has been the mother or father of many other strains.

Ruderalis is Becoming Dominant

With the Introduction of Ruderalis to the genetics, comes the necessity to rebalance the plant genetics to maintain the large resinous buds with a sweet but primarily dark and sometimes dank smells. It takes some time to add the genetics of a new strain without producing something so drastically different that it has to be called something new. For this reason, and especially since Big bud is such an iconic strain, it has taken a fair amount of time to get the mix just right, but it is finally here

Ruderalis Originates from the Himalayan mountains and the ex-Soviet southern states. Over the course of 40 years, breeders have been slowly increasing the THC concentrations of these plants through repeated cross breeding. The initial plants had low potential to be used to get high, as they produced more CBD than THC, though this does make it a viable candidate for medicinal purposes. With ruderalis comes added effectiveness and flowering that starts based on time.

Auto-flowering is the most important change in marijuana cultivation since the introduction of feminized seeds, and represents a new revolution in growing. Most of the worlds top strains can now grow multiple crops per year, with the introduction of a small amount of ruderalis to the genetics. This allows the plants to flower even in environments with 18 hours of sunlight per day. This allows buds to grow larger and means growers can take more crops per year.

Grow More Harvest Outdoors Every Year

In southern, equatorial latitudes these plants can be grown on rotation to produce constant, fresh harvest that also supply a consistent work and income for the usually seasonal and sporadic workers of the industry. Ruderalis is saving and changing lives everywhere, and it is now apparent that this name will be as big as sativa and indica in the marijuana world because of the impact that it is making.

Making use of more sunlight allows growers to limit their electricity usage, meaning ruderalis is greener than its leaves and buds. Really not enough can be said about the benefits of ruderalis and it remains to be seen just how much of an impact this breed will have on the industry, but there is no doubt that it is doing Big Bud justice and allowing more people to grow the plant across the world. This is of course depending on the specific laws in your area.

Respect the Laws, Rock the Vote

Now no one is recommending illegal activities, and marijuana is illegal to grow in more places than it is legal. Respecting the laws of the given area is the best way to avoid unwanted trouble, but offer secure and discreet payment and shipping anywhere on Earth. The marijuana movement is well on its feet and walking from state to state and country to country as the logic of the community of cannabis becomes ubiquitous.

Informing yourself and others about cannabis is important, especially with so many votes going on globally. Venezuela as well as 5 States in the US have marijuana laws in limbo coming up over the next few years. Democrats have a new lean towards at least decriminalizing marijuana, so it might be on the 2016 presidential and senate list and will be an ongoing discussion at all levels in our culture, just as it always has been. It’s nice to know that things are coming around though, isn’t it?