Is Smoking Cannabis Good for Erectile Dysfunction?

 Erectile dysfunction or ED is a condition that affects millions of males with the inability to have and maintain an erection. It is a common condition that can lead to a variety of problems, including relationship issues and stress. It is known that smoking cigarettes is one of the causes of ED, but as marijuana legalization spreads, more and more men are wondering whether or not smoking cannabis can help with erectile dysfunction.

Patients who frequently use weed for pain management and chronic conditions, such as anxiety, are noticing a surprising side effect. They reported that smoking marijuana helps them in the bedroom, too, which prompted some doctors to look into the matter.

Sex Life Boost

Anecdotal statements claim that cannabis can help enhance women’s sexual experience. However, a survey in which the participants were medical cannabis users discovered that both men and women had seen a significant improvement in their sex life.

Such finding contradicts traditional medical literature. Older studies back from the 80s and 90s show that cannabis affects male sexual function and could even cause ED due to low testosterone levels. However, doctors who work with medical marijuana disagree, especially since the traditional literature needs to be updated.

Unfortunately, federal law still prohibits cannabis use so it may take years before American universities perform new research on the subject.

The Good Effects on Male Sexual Function

One of the positive effects of marijuana on the user is that it helps reduce high cholesterol damage, which is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction. According to a Clinical and Developmental Immunology study, cannabis can help lower tissue damage and buildup due to high cholesterol. More research is needed since this particular study was performed on mice.

Nevertheless, weed has a reputation for giving smokers a euphoric experience. It uplifts the user and improves mood that can lead to a boost in sexual experience, including sex drive and arousal.

The Bad Effects of Weed

The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study that talked about the higher risk of ED in men who smoke cannabis than those who do not. The study showed that when THC goes to the brain, the user gets that “high” feeling, which interferes with the standard functions of the body. Therefore, it impacts the normal performance of the penis and may lead to ED.

Daily marijuana use can also cause problems in achieving orgasm in men, according to another study. Mayo Clinic also cited marijuana as one of the possible causes of Gynecomastia, a condition where men developed larger breasts due to hormone imbalance. This condition affects sexual performance.

Dosing and Timing Can Help

Too much pot is not good for male sexuality. However, there are some ways to get it right, including choosing a cannabis variety with a maximum of 14 THC. It also helps to go slow, such as one toke from your vape pen to help you get going. This way, you will just get buzzed without getting high.

Smoking cannabis five minutes before the act may be effective. If you use edibles, the effects will kick in around 30 minutes to two hours, so you need more time before you hit the bedroom.