Happy slice: Pizzeria serves pizza sprinkled with marijuana to cops

Have you imagined ordering a innocent pizza and then finding out that the pizza man has sprinkled marijuana instead of oregano?

Two policemen of the city of Holon, Israel, also haven’t, but their order was kindly prepared a powerful marijuana strain.
I guess you’re now thinking: How this could possibly happen?

After arrested, the owner of a pizzeria explained to the police: ‘I knew the pizza was for the cops but the guy I spoke to sounded cool on the phone. He told me to put whatever I wanted on it. So, instead of oregano, I sprinkled some weed.’

Just as simple as that.

Of course, the two officers became ill and were taken to Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital with symptoms of vomiting, body tremors and dizziness. Tests revealed they had ingested the drug. Maybe the pizza man was so enthusiast that it added too much “origano”
But Israeli police wasn’t so glad to accept this kind of joke, they said they regard the incident as serious and will be requesting a court order to close down the pizzeria on the grounds of public safety.

At the moment is not clear which marijuana strain was used to decorate the pizza’s, maybe it was one of the Ministry of Cannabis?
And we don’t know if it was just weed, or hashish, or extract or oil…if it sent 2 adults to the hospital, must have been quite heavy shit…

And we also know that  many of our customers and friend will contact us to get the address of that pizzeria before it gets closed.

Unfortunately we don’t have it.